Wiser With Age tells the stories of inspirational individuals, 60 and over, to empower others to pursue their dreams. Today, people 60, and up, are still accomplishing extraordinary feats – from leading orchestras to owning restaurants – and Wiser With Age wants to make sure their stories get told.

KristinaFounder and storyteller, Kristina Puga, is a former web producer for NBCLatino.com, where she enjoyed writing profiles of inspirational Latinos in America – from respected scientists to filmmakers. She also interviewed influential women for her weekly “Latina Leaders” column and wrote an annual series about the “Hiring Our Heroes” job fair for veterans.

A graduate of The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Kristina has been published in The New York Daily News, Fox News, NBC News, El Diario/La Prensa, TimeOut New York, AOL, NYRemezcla, among others. She was named Club Leader of the Future in Latino Leaders Magazine in 2012. Follow Kristina on Twitter @kristinapuga.

Please contact her if you would like to nominate someone to be featured on Wiser With Age, using the “contact” link above.

KellyCarrionVideo producer, Kelly Carrion, is a multimedia journalist who believes in the incredible influence storytelling has on people, and how they view the world. That is why she has made it her mission to tell compelling stories about extraordinary people. Her articles have been featured on NBCNews.com, NBCLatino.com, LowellSun.com and Nashoba Publishing. She is a recent Boston University graduate. Follow Kelly on Twitter @kellycarrion12.