Cooking With Granny: Greek octopus stew


Barbara Aliprantis digs up a generations-old family recipe for a Greek-style octopus stew in this episode of “Cooking with Granny.” Braised in red wine and cooked with love — in homage to her late husband of 46 years — this fiery red octopus stew gets Barbara and Caroline chatting it up over dismembered octopus parts in the kitchen. Watch below!

CarolineShinCaroline Shin is a multimedia journalist based in NYC. Recently, she launched “Cooking With Granny” – a Web series in which grandmas teach how to cook traditional dishes from their cultures while simultaneously sharing their funny, sad and surprising experiences with immigration and multiculturalism in a world that’s very different from today’s. Shin was previously a video editor at New York Magazine and holds an M.A. from Columbia Journalism School.