In My Mother’s Words: On moving on…

Victoria's mom, Belgica, dancing with her brother. They’ve been bolero-ing together since the '70s.

Victoria’s mom, Belgica, dancing with her brother. They’ve been bolero-ing together since the ’70s.

I have a tendency of being a bit of a dweller. I think about things and analyze them time and time again. Frankly, it’s borderline torturous. Many times the person forced to listen to me and my “what ifs,” “could haves” and “should haves” is my wonderful mother. When she gets to a point where she thinks I truly need to get over it, she says,

“Ay, Victoria! Olvidate de ese tango y baila bolero.”

(Direct translation: Oh, Victoria! Forget that tango and dance bolero.)

No, I do not tango as I am telling my mother the 34,987,349 scenarios going through my head. Basically, what this means is forget about it and move on. Nothing can be done to change the past. As cliché as it sounds, you can only move forward.

My mother has always pushed forward. She left her country, and pushed forward. She raised two kids on her own, with no family around, and pushed forward. In 2015, I’m going to do a better job of pushing forward.

A new year is a new opportunity. Some things will be great, and others will not be so great. When they’re not so great, just remind yourself to move on. Forgive yourself, and move forward.

In 2015, I hope to do a little less tangoing and a lot more bolero-ing. It seems to be working for my mom just fine.

VictoriaandMomVictoria Moll-Ramirez is a broadcast journalist based in Atlanta, GA. She is originally from Miami, FL and had the great fortune of being raised by the sassiest, spunkiest, wisest, most hysterical Honduran woman in the world. Victoria’s mother, Bélgica, is 60-years-old, resides in Little Havana (Miami) and enjoys a good margarita accompanied by a heartrending ranchera. Victoria blogs about her mom’s funny and wise sayings on, “In My Mother’s Words.”